Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Review

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John Kieu

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On 06/11/2012
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Value for money
and easy to glider

For those of you who want versatility from technology and powerful steam cleaning around your floors, you won’t get much more satisfaction than with the Morphy Richards steam cleaner. It’s actually one of the few cleaners that come with a 2-year guarantee. That says a lot for their faith in the manufacturing of the unit.Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner front view

Which looking at its use and the comments that’s been made by other consumers, is that its construction is of sound quality. A solid design, although it is a little heavier than other steam mops. That’s a given though since the Morphy Richards Supersteam stores all the accessories on board. You don’t often see that with these types of devices, but the cleaner does make it a breeze to get your floors cleaned, and then switch to using the attachments, which let you get deep into the grout.

Here’s an overview of the Morphy Richards steam cleaner, right out the box:

  • 1 × Supersteam Steam Mop
  • 1 × Floorhead
  • 1 × Squeegee nozzle
  • 1 × Utility nozzle
  • 1 × Deflector nozzle
  • 1 × Cloth for carpets
  • 1 × Cloth for hard floors
  • 1 × Elasticated utility cloth
  • 1 × Spot brush
  • 1 × Detachable carpet glide
  • 1 × Detachable steam comb attachment
  • 1 × Water filling funnel
  • 1 × Boiler cleaning brush
  • 1 × Nozzle cleaning pin

The beauty of the Morphy Richards steam cleaner is that it comes pre-assembled. The only thing you have to do is take all the attachments out the box, and store them onto the on-board storage compartments of the unit.

Really simple to get up and running.

Before getting into the full scoop on the Morphy Richards steam cleaner, here’s a breakdown of the technical details:

  • It has a super quick heat-up time, approximately 30 seconds to steam
  • Variable steam setting
  • Multi-functional
  • No detergents required so kinder to the environment
  • At least 25 minute running time

It’s looking good…eh?

Comes pre-assembled, ready to store all the attachments on board and it’s only 30 seconds to heat the water up.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner Water Tank

Pretty nifty:

The Pros of using the Morphy Richards steam cleaner:

1) The ease of all the attachments, being able to be stored right on the main body. Making it super easy to reach and attach them, whenever you need them. It’s also good for those of you who have a tendency to misplace items. Those burdens are removed, as you don’t need to put them into a kitchen drawer.

2) Solid construction with a solid design that won’t break

3)Functional cord wrap that’s fixed to the handle of the unit, making it store nicely out the way, with no dangling or knotted cables.

4) On board water funnel, makes topping up just a quick fill and pour job that’s done in seconds.

5) Leaves your floor near to dry – under 5 minutes

6) All the attachments you need to thoroughly give your home a deep and sanitizing clean. From the grout on your tiled floors, to the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles can be cleaned with the bristle brush attachments.

7)      Full 2-years guarantee provided

As with any steam mop, there’s always going to be something that lets them down, but the good thing with the Morphy Richards Supersteam is that there aren’t many faults to be found with this.

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As you’ll soon see, the benefits above far outweigh the disadvantages listed below:

1) The attachments provided, that are supposed to make it easy to clean higher parts of your home, such as getting to the tiles at the top of your bathroom wall, can be a bit tricky to use. It’s probably better to use the machine on your floor tiles, if you don’t have the strength or energy to do your walls.

2) The unit is a little on the heavy side, in comparison to other steam mops, although it is certainly manageable.

3) For those who need to multi-task with steam cleaning, from cookers, floors and tiles, you will have to let the unit cool to switch the attachments around, as they tend to hold the heat longer than some others do.

4) The replacement cloths and brushes aren’t widely available in the highstreet, although they are pretty easy to get your hands on direct from the manufacturers.

Morphy Richards Steam Cleaner used on Floors

The final verdict on the Morphy Richards Supersteam:

If you like to steam clean more than just the flooring throughout your home, then this is certainly one, which is good value for the price of it. Giving that it will clean all floor types, due the handy carpet glider that comes as one of the many attachments, there’s certainly no shortage of areas that you could be able to deep clean with the Morphy Richards Supersteam.

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